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All Spirit messenger can answer questions you have. The Big question everybody has "What is my purpose" its the same for everyone your purpose is to share love and peace with everyone and everything. If you do that you will have the eternal life you want.

However we are here on earth and we think we have so many things in the way it makes it hard to be like that every minute of the day. We have good days and bad days the all spirit messenger can assist you in awaking your love and peace to help make those days easier for you.

All spirit messenger can channel a loved one to relay messages to you loved ones also include pets. All Spirit Messenger can assist in sending you a spirit healing all spirit messenger can channel spirits and do automatic drawings for you. All spirit Messenger can assist you in opening your gift. All spirit messenger can also do house cleansing.

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Please note if 10 mins into the reading with your consultant you do not feel that the reading is going accordingly, or that you are not gelling with the consultant. Then you have a right to stop the reading and ask for a refund. If you wait to the end of the reading then ask, it is up to the consultant as an individual party to decide if they wish to refund you or not. The founder of the organization is not liable for refunds on behalf of individual consultants. As they are all independent contractors. Not all members are certified by this organization, some are just members of the organizations directory. The ones who are certified have gone through training with our organization and they will say so on their websites.

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